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Sky Avenue and Red Watchtower - Scroll Painting of Aged Beijing Scene

Author: 刘洪宽(Liu Hongkuan)
ISBN: 85003-2543
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2005
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Content in brief: Large sized Scroll Painting Sky Avenue and Red Watchtower ,53m long and 0.7m high with hundreds of buildings and 5000 of people, was finished by Beijing-based artist Mr. Liu Hongkuan taking 5 years in 2001,which was known as Riverside Scene During Tomb-Sweeping Day of 20th century. Mr. Liu’s artwork has been collected by The Great Hall of the People and the Museum of History. He has host Personal exhibition in Los Angeles in America.

Recommendation Reasons by Copyright department: traditional Chinese large scroll Sky Avenue and Red Watchtower revivified the scene of Beijing’s Central axis in 1930s and 1940s, which can be praised as Beijing city’s development history by paintbrush and has significant referential value for folk custom study. You can pay visit to Beijing Municipal Programming and Exhibition Centre located in East street of Qianmen (east of old Beijing Railway Station) if you want to enjoy this original scroll. This book is a model to study traditional Chinese realistic Art and also guide for Beijing’s quality tourism, which is also rare collection. This book is written both in Chinese and English and circulated globally.



Body Language: Chinese and English



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