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Shen Shixi's Animal Fictions, Ping Yin Version(6 volumes)

Author: 沈石溪(Shen Shi Xi)
ISBN: 978-7-5324-8438-6
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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Shen Shixi's animal fictions come in two series and six themes involving a variety of birds and beasts in the nature. Based on objective observations of the living habits of animals, the set of books introduces interesting knowledge of animals and in addition esthetically conducts artistic creation. They're highly readable and thought-provoking. Not only do they help children to explore the magical nature, they also introduce them the charm of animal fiction.

Brief Introduction of the Author:

Shen Shi Xi, Formerly named Shen Yi Ming, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, Committee Member of the Yunnan Writers Association, and is praised the “King of Chinese animal fictions.” His works has been awarded World Children’s Literature Peace Award, Chinese Writers Association National Children’s Literature Excellent Works Award, "Selected Works of Chinese Literature" by People’s Literature Publishing House, and listed in “Recommended Good Books for Everyone” in Taiwan.

Leopard of Peace


143×210mm 152pp 2010.09 Age 9+

Snub-nosed Monkey


143×210mm 160pp 2010.09 Age 9+



143×210mm 160pp 2010.09 Age 9+

Nanny Python


143×210mm 128pp 2011.05 Age 9+

Police Elephant


143×210mm 128pp 2011.05 Age 9+

Beggar Tiger


143×210mm 140pp 2011.05 Age 9+

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