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Series: The Handbooks

Author: Augusto Vecchi
ISBN: 978881972043
Original Region: Italy
Original Language: Italian
Publication Date: 1997
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Rights sold:
San Marino , Italy
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This is a series of handbook. The volumes consist of 128 pages in black and white colors and a central insert of 16 pages. Printed in millions of copies, are a good basis for those wishing to practice: the "Restoration of Antique Furniture", the "Do It Yourself", "Sculpting in Wood", "Drawing", but also collect "Minerals and Gems" or know the "History of the Seducing Underwear" (this handbook is a best seller! Inside there are descriptions and pictures of female Lingerie from '800 to nowadays).

Publishers ( China ) and Publishers ( Italy ) are negotiating on this book 2014/01/22
Publishers ( Italy ) and Publishers ( China ) are negotiating on this book 2014/01/17
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