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Rescue LST222

Author: 毕莫
ISBN: 978-981-09-1679-4
Original Region: Singapore
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2014
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Simplified Chinese
A Historic Novel based on Ture Story. 

A battle ship loaded with the heavy baggage of history sinks and from the ocean rise countless question marks and pauses.Three aged retired soldiers fight with the elements and against the Navy to rescue an aged battle ship that has long been in disuse. They resolve to fight to death with this old pal. Is it because of their loyalty to this long-time companion? Or a desire to revive past glory and memories of their hometown?The novel is composed in a style of a juxtaposition of time and space in history. The author takes us through from Shanghai in the 1940s to Taiwan in the 1990s; from tearful departures by the Huang Po River to the fiery waves by the shore of Ye Liu. Like a movie that unfolds on the wide screen the love-hate relationships between people of the two shores.LST 222 is the name of a battle ship.The author Bi Mo is the daughter of one of the protagonists. Much like LST 222 which had experienced the Internal War of China and retreat to Taiwan at a significant stage of the Chinese history, Bi Mo herself has experienced tumultuous times in real life.Bi Mo migrated to Singapore at the end of last century. With a wide perspective she spent four years writing the novel, completing its first manuscript in 2002. She further expanded and amended the work, completing it in 2014.

The story centres on LST 222, an old battle ship which has survived the two World Wars and which suddenly runs aground on the shore under a cliff in Northern Taiwan Qcean. Because it is obsolete and worn out the Taiwanese Navy decides to dismantle it.

The plight of LST 222 revives old memories of three old men, bringing back reminiscences involving the Internal War of China and following it, the retreat to Taiwan Island. Consequently the people involved experience tearful departures between parents and children. Ethnic pathos, passions between couples and friendships between friends as well as long-lasting love between lovers - all interwined with the fate of LST 222.
In order to rescue LST 222, the three old men fight with the Navy and race against time and harsh elements of nature just to express their loyalty to their old pal and to revitalise their weskening bodies and souls. What they encounter is not merely a mirror of the complex relationships between the people of Mainland China and Taiwan but a thought-provoking account that stir people into pondering the ravages of war.

LST 222 is an elegy of heroes, tidings of peace and a pause of hatred.

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