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Pre-Qin Classic Wise Sayings and Stories Series

Author: 张树骅(Zhang Shuhua)
ISBN: 9787533312626
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2004
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The series, made up of 16 books, select many wise sayings from 17 pre-Qin classic works. The meanings and background knowledge of these sayings are briefly introduced and then accompanied by the related stories. The book is rich in content and highly educational.

Author details:

Zhang Shuhua, Secretary-in-chief of the Fund of Confucius, is dedicated to the studies and re-organization of Confucian works. Mr. Zhang has published many works and papers.

Unique selling points:

1. Pre-Qin classic works are the carrier of pre-Qin culture and the crystallization of wisdom of the pre-Qin philosophers.

2. The book introduces many progressive thoughts of the Chinese philosophers, and explores the connotations of the sources of the Chinese culture, which still show good vitality, aiming to give world people access to the wisdom of the great philosophers in the Chinese ancient times.

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