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Author: Pepe Serrano y Álvaro Ortiz
ISBN: 978-84-940265-4-6
Original Region: Spain
Original Language: Spanish
Publication Date: 2013
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Pepon likes many things: chocolate cakes, pillows that can’t fly, although they have feathers inside, tales of hairy monsters that hide under the bed and into the wardrobe, and also spotting animal-shaped clouds. Mostly, dinosaur-shaped clouds.

But above anything else, there is one thing that Pepon is really crazy about: ¡superheros!

The book is aimed to first readers, who are comfortable with printed text but have still some problems following a long story. The comic-book images and a QR at the end of the book with the text recorded to be followed as they read are very helpful and they end up having read a full book by themselves. The recording of the text is also helpful for children with impaired vision or learning disabilities, who can follow the story much easier. 

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