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Mu Ling's Animal Fiction Series ( 4 volumes )

Author: 牧玲(Mu Ling)
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2008
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It is an excellent novel on animals, with masculinities, a plot with quirky twist, delicate emotions and profound content !
About the Author:
Mu Ling is a writer of children’s literature on animals. His works are vivid stories with rich connotations. They could encourage young readers to be persevering and positive. At the same time, his books reflect kinds of human life through animals’ life. They represent life’s dignity and shine humanity.
This series is a representative of Muling’s. They show the tenacious vitality of the nature with fresh, simple and beautiful language. Furthermore, it also tells the warm emotion in animal world and human’s reverence for the nature through the plot with mysterious Hunan culture.
Sales Volume:
Bing Xin Children Literature Award, Zhang Tianyi Children Literature Award.
Hard Return Journey has been reprinted for 10 times since Aug., 2008. It has been sold more than 200,000 volumes. King of Wilderness and the Guardian of the Jungle both are sold more than 100,000 books separately, which starts a trend of “animal novel” among children.

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