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Moxibustion by Fan Changwei

Author: 范长伟(Fan Changwei)
ISBN: 9787200083064
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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Moxibustion therapy featured by simple, easy, safe, comfortable and painless, is gem of China’s traditional medicine culture and one of the ancient medical treatments.

This book enriches clinical experience throughout Fan Changwei’s life. It mainly introduces moxibustion for 30 most common diseases and 75 acupuncture points’ treatment and acupiont selection methods and effective health maintenance through moxibustion in 4 acupuncture points, making you feel the wonderful results of moxibustion.
Author introduction

Fan Changwei is a close disciple of Professor Han Wenxi, a well-known acupuncture expert and chief expert in Beijing Green Natural health Center. He is very fond of China’s traditional culture. In 1991, he became a student of Han Wenxi as the youngest close disciple. From then, he began learning massage and moxibustion for 8 years. He has engaged in this career since he studied moxibustion well and he devotes himself to spreading the traditional moxibustion culture.

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