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Miao Yintang's Scientific Cartoon Series ( 4 volumes )

Author: 缪印堂
ISBN: 20936090
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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Miao Yintang’s science cartoon is outstanding and well-known in China ’s cartoon circle. Popular science cartoon requires author to know about science, have scientific imagination sprit and capability so that the works can be not only scientific but also entertaining and interesting. Generally speaking, humor can only be felt not be expressed. Miao Yintang is very wise because he expresses humor by his cartoon. —— Beijing Daily

About the Author: Miao Yintang, famous cartoonist, a researcher of China Research for Science Popularization and a senior industrial artist. He has won Gold Monkey Prize, the highest reward for Chinese cartoon, and Excellent Prize of International Cartoon Competition of Yomiuri Shimbun for four times.

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