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MaKing Bows with children

Author: Wulf Hein
ISBN: 978-3938921180
Original Region: Germany
Original Language: German
Publication Date: 2011
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Finally a book that leads the kids back to nature, introducing them to the world of crafting with natural materials. The amazing feeling of success that you experience after you have built something with you own hands, something that really works, is rare to come by in our modern times. This book encourages parents to spend quality time with their kids and offers a great opportunity for little adventures and fun for the whole family. Two types of bows are featured: • the Bent stick - a beginner's bow, built from a hazelnut stick complete with simple arrows is the ideal project for children age 8 - 12. It also works very well for scouting groups. • Building a replica of the stone age holmegaard bow and arrows is a great project for older kids age 12+ teenagers or (young) adults. This bow type is perfect for a school project, and offers also lots of fun for adults. Another crucial part of the book is the making of basic equipment like a quiver, arm guard and tab, as well as an overview of the fascinating history of bows and arrows. Not only children will love these easy to understand and entertaining passages. The book is topped off by a passage on usable plants and wood, archery lessons, safety instructions, and a brief glossary
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