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Luoling's Magic(8 volumes)

Author: 陈柳环
ISBN: 9787514805727
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2012
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Prophecy of Wizard Family unveils the beginning of this magic tetralogy. For Moyi Family, the mysterious
family keeps a secret. To travel for searching A Nonexistent Secret and to listen to Followers , Last Voices of Life , many secrets would be unveiled. The series would represent continuous wonders and make you enjoy it!

A good book shows friendship and family love. The story with quirky twist makes me excited, without keeping calm. Without any sentimental flaws, you are bought to wonders and a magical world with semi-truth.—— Reader Comment


National Children Best-seller Books Award 2010
Sales Volume:About one million books

Prophecy of Wizard Family (I II)

Luoling who lived in an orphanage in childhood was a member of the Dragon Star, but she was sent to earth by her mother when she was born. At the age of 13, she was sent back to the Dragon Star which is very developed in science and magic. Then she encountered a series of mystery things and a lot of doubts and questions were aroused. Curiosity drove her to seek the truth. The process to find the truth is horrifying while the truth itself is very cruel…

Moyi Family (I II)

With the help of families and friends, Luoling hid the jasmine sign which represented magic on her shoulder and passed the mass arrest from the Presbyterian Church. In one activity, Luoling heard a story about "messenger", and she began to feel that her name “Luoling” had some special meaning and the veils of Moyi Family are going to be unveiled…

A Non-existent Secret (I II)

Yisuo remembered that Mr. Mingli hide a magic stone which sealed the secret to control magic in his dream. However, when they found the magic stone, the secret turned to be very confusing words... The Magic Race is trying to find the key to "Fortune Gate". Is the key related to Luoling?

Follows, Last Voices of Life (I II)

For Luoling, the strongest and most terrifying enemy is not Black Enchanter or the Moyi Family who want to control her nor the Magic Race, but the soul inside her body. Her families and friends all wanted to help but could do nothing and she had to overcome herself. Faced with the Dragon Star where war might be triggered at any moment, Moyi Family had to make a decision whether to restart war or to grant magic to the people in the Dragon Star…

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