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Lotta Wordt Clown

Author: Diane Put , Rik De Wulf
ISBN: 9789044821031
Original Region: Belgium
Original Language: Flemish
Publication Date: 2013
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Simplified Chinese

Lotta has a great aunt, Aunt Nell. Sometimes put a red nose and she pulls crazy shoes. Like a clown. Would they work in a circus lotta wonders. Lotta also wants to be a great artist. She practices every day. She could stand on one leg and throwing and catching eggs. One day they may join Aunt Nell. They do not go to a circus tent, but to a hospital with sick chickens. Aunt Nell brightens the diseased animals with her ​​crazy tricks and lotta may help. Lotta is a magic clown. They can transform a cheerful smile at all sick chickens. Create a moving picture book about others happy, starring gay chicken Lotta.

Publishers ( China ) and Publishers ( Belgium ) are negotiating on this book 2014/03/04
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