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Liu Dong's works ( 3 volumes)

Author: 刘东(Liu Dong)
ISBN: 9787532485093,9787532485109,9787532484881
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2011
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This series of works includes a documentary writing collection of "The Thundering Memory", a collection of short novels,"Flashing Alien" and a new novel of "Mirror Palace". "Thundering Memory" is composed of 12 short stories of reportage each bears a short title and a startling and gripping true story."Flashing Alien"contains three novellas and three novelettes probing into the world of the juveniles from all directions and capturing their colorful youth, unforgettable memory when growing up and secretive and difficult moments of that age. It's recognized as very readable and educational. Nan Hai, a high school student who is the main character of "Mirror Palace" found a website, after watching a meteor shower, called "Mirror Palace" on the Internet where visitor can switch lives with others. Nan Hai took it as a fool's game and entered the website to switch. And he entered lives of the other's and experienced a lot under other identities.

Brief Introduction of the Author:

Liu Dong, member of Chinese Writers Association, the vice chairman of Dalian Writers Association was listed on the Top Ten Most Influential People of Dalian's Literary and Art Circle. He has now over 2.5 million words published of all types of literature. He has won the awards of the 6th National Excellent Children’s Literature Award, the New Work Award of 5th Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, the Award for Novella and Novelette of Chinese Writers' Association's New Century Children's Literature Award, the CYL Central Committee's "Five-one's" Best Work Award and other rewards at state and provincial level. His works are collected in "The Collection of Excellent Children's Literature of China", "A Children's Literature Collection of Ten Years", "China Excellent Award-winning Collection" and other major books. His works have been introduced to Japan.

Thundering Memory

Mirror Palace

Flashing Alien

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