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Life Explained

Author: Rose Knapman
ISBN: 9781925477689
Original Region: Australia
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2017
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Why are we here? Is there life after death? Does God exist?

Channelled by my angels and guides, Life Explained is the book of answers.

This book portrays us as a tourist on an adventure to the Isle of Life. We are independent souls having a physical experience, but we are intrinsically connected to everything around us.

Everything within our world is made of the same atomic building block, and connected by energy. We are shown that our thoughts and actions can negatively influence our personal energy and that of our environment.
But being human also means we are creative, and can discern ways and means to resolve the problems we have instigated, even to the point of healing ourselves.

Life Explained returns power to the individual and shows anything is possible when based in Love.

“Knowledge is empowering because it makes us all equal.”

— Rose Knapman.

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