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KAILASH MANSAROVAR The Land of Gods and Myths

Author: Threesh Kapoor
ISBN: 978-88-86340-26-7
Original Region: Italy
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2001
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So far as our knowledge goes, the Kailash and Mansarovar are the holiest of the holy places in the Himalayas. In the surroundings of the Holy Kailash and Mansarovar even the most wandering mind, to whatever religion may belong, whether to Hinduism or Buddhism, Christianity or Mohamdanism, whether to atheism or agnosticism, becomes concentrated and irresistibly, unknowingly and unconsciously drawn as if propelled by someone from behind to the Divine Presence that is hidden behind this apparent vast universe.Swami Pranavananda

“Being born here, I was inspired and attracted by the Himalayas since my childhood.

I never got tired enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas,

therefore I tried to catch the different and ever changing moods of these snow covered mountains with my camera, because I can’t but share my love for them”.

Threesh Kapoor (Almora, 1952), at present is leading the State Bank of India in Lucknow, India, but his real passion is photography. A lenseman accredited with many awards, Threesh is President of the Lucknow Camera Club and member of the Executive Committee of the India International Photographic Council, New Delhi.

Chandresh Shastri (India, 1950),holds a Doctorate in Economics and at present teaches at the BBD National Institute of Management and Technology in Lucknow, India. He has travelled extensively throughout the Indian Himalayas and has written some fifty technical papers and reports on various aspects of the Himalayan society.

When the lights were off and I looked at the slides of Threesh absent-mindedly with the conceit of the successful photographer, slowly I was captured by those images of his journey to Kailash. Rarely I had seen so much religiousness and poetry together with an evident professionalism, the cut, the sense of painting, of the light, of the contrast, the meticulous precision and the vastness of thought. Those “Shiva Chromes” - chromes born from the heart of Shiva - really opened my heart and I decided to make a book of them.Gianbarberis

The inner call to go to Mount Kailash (6714 m) reached me at the end of the Autumn Novaratri 1999 in Chiliyanaula, while I was looking at the proof of a marvellous book of photos about Tibet and Mount Kailash compiled by Gian Paolo Barberis, an artist of high quality. When I saw these pictures, I was deeply moved – I suddenly knew that all my good paintings come from Kailash. Then the inner call came very clear, “Now you come yourself!”Renata Caddy “Nila”

Renata Caddy “Nila” (Germany), spiritually trained by Babaji, is an artist, psychologist and art therapist. She is leader of international workshops on Self-knowledge and creative realization, connecting Zen, Eastern philosophy, Western psychology and Christian esotheric teachings. With her husband Peter Caddy she has built a spiritual Centre and Garden called “Source of Healing” above the Lake of Constance in the heart of Europe, where she leads meditations, seminars and workshops.

On my return, I was asked umpteen times if I had the darshan, or the encounter, of Lord Shiva. Those blessed ones who keep their inner faculties open and traverse this yatra in humility and submission, definitely attain realisation. The very fact that I could complete the yatra without any mishap proves that Babaji’s blessings were with me. I was indeed a blessed one. Through this experience I would like to encourage other devotees to undertake this highly spiritual though arduous journey to the abode of the Lord.Vandana Lal

Vandana Lal (India) is a practising prize-winner pathologist from New Delhi, where she runs with her husband Dr. Arvind Lal a private and reputed clinic. Vandana and her family have enjoyed the grace of Baba Hairakhan for many years. She was long desirous of undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar yatra, pilgrimage. Before commencing the yatra, she received the blessing of her Guru by undertaking another pilgrimage to the Hairakhan Kailash in Kumaon Himalayas, India.

Pilgrimage to Kailash: 108 colour photos by Threesh Kapoor

Text by Chandresh Shastri.

Testimony and spiritual experiences by Renata Caddy “Nila”(©) and Vandana Lal.

Watercolours by Gianbarberis.

Meditations and Prayers by: Milarepa, Lord Krishna, Guru Gorakhnath, Shri HairakhanBabaji. The Prajñåpåramitå, or Sutra of the Heart.

Excerpt from the origin:


Threesh travels extensively. He has a pair of very keen eyes. They capture the Nature in her vivid colours and shades.

I have generated reports and technical papers that have found a small audience. Threesh comes with photographic creations that make the audience exclaim: ah! (and not wah!). A single ah! is a great tribute: it comes from the inner confines of the human soul. I have counted, with envy, numerous of transparencies shown by Threesh earning ahs. And one of his pictures, that captures a rising sun throwing down soft shafts of morning light along the snowy peak of mount Trishul, frequently comes in my early morning dreams.

Threesh grew in Almora, a town that still represents the ancient tradition of Kumaon.

To quote him: “Almora, though district head quarter, is one of the oldest towns of culture of the Kumaon Himalayas. Almora is famous for its Bal methai, wollen, copper ware and handicrafts. The town commands a beautiful view of the valleys, ridges and Himalayas. So fascinating is the charm of this place that many foreigners and Indians who came here never left again. Guru Rabindranath Tagore wrote his Geetanjali here, Swami Vivekananda also lived here; the famous Buddhist writer Lama Anagarika Govinda and his wife Lee Gautami lived at Kasar Devi, and many other people from all over the world did their best work here.

Being born here, since my childhood I was inspired and attracted by the Himalayas. I never got tired enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas, therefore I tried to catch the different and ever changing moods of these snow covered mountains with my camera, because I can’t but share my love for them”.

Chandresh Shastri

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