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Ivory's Cultural Significance

Author: Godfrey Harris
ISBN: 978-0935047806
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2014
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The book provides a basic understanding and history of ivory along with a discussion and photographs of its many uses. It argues that ivory collected from elephants that die of natural causes, are culled from authorised hunts, that come from archeological sites and are recycled should be allowed to move in international trade with the proceeds going to programs to end poaching.

Delightfully enlightening. Puts the artistic, decorative, and practical uses of ivory into perspective and offers some fresh ideas on how to protect ivory-bearing animals.
- Barbara DeKovner-Mayer
Absolutely terrific book. I will forward it to friends and family.
- John Williams

A very professional job.
- Harvey Silk

Well written, easily readable, well organized, very knowledgeable…
- Joe Kurstin

Paperback:48 pages
Product Dimensions: 4 1/8” x 8.5”
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