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Institutionalization of Confucianism and Its Disintegration

Author: 干春松
ISBN: 978-7-300-15124-3
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2012
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About the Author
Gan Chunsong, a doctor in philosophy, is currently serving as director of Chinese Confucian Academy, as well as vice director of academic committee. His research interests include modern and contemporary Chinese philosophy and study of Confucianism. He is the author of works such as Institutionalization of Confucianism and Its Disintegration , Modernization and Cultural Choice , Tales of Supernatural Being and The Chinese of One Hundred Years .
Key Features
From the perspective of social history and sociology of knowledge, the book examines the roles Confucianism plays in traditional Chinese society as well as its historical fate in its transition into modern society. The author defines the institutionalization of Confucianism into the following basic aspects: the Confucian classical works are worshiped as Chinese Bible; Confucius as God; the Confucian electoral system through education and political and legal systems are Confucianized. Through analyses of the course of the abolition of the imperial examination system, the establishment of modern legal and political systems and the formation of new ideological system, the book reveals how the institutionalized
Confucianism lose its control over the Chinese society in face of domestic social contradictions and the profound challenges from the western civilization, making us understand more deeply the fate of Confucianism in modern times.
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