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Innovative economy (Road map 2040)

Author: Святослав Мартынов
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2012
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This work applies for the right to be considered as the first professionally written monograph on the subject "Innovative Economy".
Author Svyatoslav Anatolyevich Martynov lives and works in Russia and claims that he possesses a scientific priority in metadiscipline creation "Innovatsioannaya economy".
Work is written as the book of books. The sodeozhaniye included digression to history
Creation of a big social community of people, as objects of the world economy. From several separate tribes from the African continent on day today's. From primitive exchange of products and Paleolith goods on modern financial derivatives.
However, the initial Subject of the book was set by a world besteller from Stogkgolmsky school of economy of professors to Ridderstral and Nordstrema "Business in style funk" in 2001. The million world audience with surprise learned about what riches are concealed in the heads of Creators of new Knowledge. What opening wait for us in the next 30 years.
The Swedish scientists opened "Pandora's Box", and Martynov involuntarily got with the first into it with "hands and feet" (and it is possible and "with the head").
Work keynote - a primacy of intellectual resources over material (to read and mercantile) set a big economic discourse.
And in too time a primacy of resources the created nature in a train of hierarchy of resources in all their variety.
In particular the author describes the huge resource capacity of Lake Baikal and a zone of nuclear catastrophe Chernobyl.
Karl Marx made the greatest mistake to which economist Schumacher pointed still. He didn't consider it necessary ввечти in an economic turn, great natural resources and focused attention, only, on material resources created by human work that in a root it is wrong. Legion of economists of classics длят this mistake.
All one quadrillion very conditional US dollars from FRS (and numerous financial derivatives) is created under the small actual covering of goods and the services which doubtful liquidity ALL educated Mankind and world financial crisis to that now observes the certificate is insignificant.
Mir-Ekonomika can't and it shouldn't be subject to founders of substitute tools created under insignificant Plans which can't apply for a role of global strategy of development of the Civilization.
In civilization development Mankind in vain relied
On Gold and, actually, money, as main means of payment.
In particular Svyatoslav Martynov having applied quite prgsty methodology
Calculations insists that "the cost of natural riches" Russia, without stocks of gold and silver (human resources) reaches $ (Two hundred thirty quadrillion) at the rate of 2007. Neither more nor less!
It is necessary to understand that we on the eve of the Era of great changes; The new wave of technological Revolution, the 7th way Approaches, the request not to confuse with the 6th (on Shumpetera).
All created by our Civilization, except monuments of architecture and scientific achievements, is very conditional and, the main thing, perishably.
The mankind extracted more than 140 thousand tons of gold
Million tons of silver and valuable metals and, probably, will get still, but all these resources very indirectly reflect essence of that, the capital which is let out (in the form of money and financial derivatives) and "orders"
parade of world economy.
Came to adopt time "Intellectual derivatives",
which are true otrazheny achievements of Mankind.
The author applies for creation of new valuable system. At the heart of which there will be a request of big society for great opening in the most various areas. Society has to expose the public offer under this work and the engine of the Civilization to direct Forward! !
(as though it is pathos didn't sound)
It is impossible to go to the future under the flag of Mercantilism.
It is a gross blunder or a crime that as a matter of fact one and too …
The author brings to version of concrete global concepts, and also quotes the companions and adherents.
Work is written by bright language with humour "wild and ruthless".
If the translator is familiar with best-seller "Laws Parkinsona" language,
from Economist publishing house, the book becomes the world BEST-SELLER!
Sviatoslav Martynov
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