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How to Mould a Cackle A Trilogy: In the Beginning was Childhood.

Author: Елена Макарова
ISBN: 978-5-91759-071-4
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2011
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The educator and art-therapist Elena Makarova is famousfor her unique methods, developed for children in theseventies. She was a visual arts teacher at a school nearMoscow for several years, and she has experience workingwith children with developmental problems.Now Elena describes her experience in a trilogy. She tellshow to teach a child to express herself through makingclay models, how to see these models as a process of selfdiscoveryfor the child. In her opinion, art is the best way forchildren to find their place in this world, to learn.
The author makes no attempt to teach or give iron-cladadvice — after all, every child is unique. The only thing her works try to communicateis the importance of observation: “Always observe. Try to truly know your child. Alwaystake his or her needs into consideration before your wishes!”
The third book in the series is devoted to the life and experience of the Austrian-Jewish painter Frederika (Friedl) Dicker-Brandeis. She found herself in the Terezincamp in 1942 and started to teach arts to the children there. The book describes thisphenomenal process of expressing inner freedom and helping others.Makarova’s next book, Movement Creates Form is, in a way, a sequel to the How to Sculpturea Snort? trilogy. But this time its main subjects are not children, but adults in needof rediscovering their creative energy.
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