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Honda's Essence of Innovation

Author: 小林 三郎(中央大学 大学院 戦略経営研究科 客員教授 元・ホンダ経営企画部長)
ISBN: 978-4-8222-3143-9
Original Region: Japan
Original Language: Japanese
Publication Date: 2012
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This book aims to reveal “what should be done to succeed in innovation”. The author is an ex-engineer of Honda, who continued the development of technology over 16 years against the surrounding backlash and succeeded in the commercialization of Japan’s first airbag.

Honda has corporate culture and triggers to lead the success of innovation. Among those, “waigaya meeting”, “sangen principle” and “Honda Philosophy” are well known, but simple explanation of these ideas cannot clarify “what to do for success”. In this book, the author, who knows inside-out of Honda’s development field, pursues thoroughly the details of such corporate culture and triggers; how they are affecting the frontline of actual technological development projects and how they accelerate innovation as a result, to unveil the essence of Honda’s innovation.

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