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Home with Kids (Animated edition)

Author: 臧里 等
ISBN: 9787802441231
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2008
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Home with Kids (Animated edition) is an original Chinese cartoon book series planed for half a year, which is abridged from the cartoon filmes of Home with Kids whose plot is faithful to the popular awarded teleplay of Home with Kids. 42 works of this series have been published.

After he divorced, Xia Donghai came back to China from American with his son, Xia Yu, and get together with his daughter, Xia Xue, who grow up in China. Later he met his new wife, Liu Mei, who also divorced and has a son named Liu Xing. After they get married, they bring up the three children together and hope that they can use their love and wisdom to make a happy family. However, it’s hard to avoid disputation among the three children with different ages, personalities and habits. Sometimes, they unit as a team to oppose their parents, and sometimes they fi ght with each other for their own rights. So all sorts of funny stories happen and make the readers can’t stop laughing.

The author team of this series is made up by the top cartoonists, dramatists, art editors and typesetters. The colorful and vivid pictures will show its high artistry.

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