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A History on Eastern Philosophy (in 5 volumes)

Author: 徐远和(Xu Yuanhe)
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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The book is a complete general history on the Eastern Philosophy and the first one that fully reflects the latest research results and the highest level of academic study in the Chinese philosophical circle. It includes the five volumes of “the ancient period”, “the medieval period”, “the early modern period”, “the modern period”, and “the contemporary period”. Each volume has three parts of South Asia, West Asia and North Africa, and East Asia. Its content covers a variety of philosophical systems of different countries and ethnic groups in the East in different historical periods. A good many of philosophical trends, schools, and philosophical theories of their representative personages are included in the Book. It gives a comprehensive introduction on the historical development and evolution of the Eastern Philosophy from the ancient time to the modern time and also its overall landscape. It displays the unique ideological nature, content and charm of the Eastern Philosophy in both its broadness and depth.

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