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Hi5 your way to succes

Author: Jörgen Raymann / Dionne Abdoelhafiezkhan
ISBN: 9789491480027
Original Region: Netherlands
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2012
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Jorgen Raymann and Dionne Abdoelhafiezkhan created the Hi5. 5 steps which offer you tools on your way to success. In addition to their tips, inspiration, motivation, and tools you will meet 5 role models in this book. People with completely different background, talents, carriers and dreams. Ordinary people telling about their life, failures, obstacles and the way they found success, every single day. People who are great examples of each of the five fingers. And what seems to be the case? Success and failure on a individual level as an organization level are part of the road to success. The question remains, how do you deal with this? This is not a guru like book nor in anyway dogmatic, on the contrary the stories are identifiable, personal and realistic. It's about how you can find your talent and dream and turn it into reality like these role models. Making dreams come true is not only for the superheroes with inborn cleverness, beauty, or wealth, but it is just for ordinary people like you and me. Simply by use of passion, focus, oversight, reliability and desire for knowledge.

Passion - The thumb stands for be positive and know your passion.
Focus - With your forefinger you follow the direction of your dream and pick your on dream team.
Oversight - The middle finger is the largest finger, is there to keep oversight en to keep excel at all times.
Reliability- the ring finger stands as a symbol for being true to yourself, your social environment but particularly to your own dream.
Knowledge - the pink stands for keep evolving.
This program is for young people in the age of 18-27 with a distance from the labor market.
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