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Hands, Ears and Feet Massage

Author: 王东坡(Wang Dongpo)
ISBN: 9787501962006
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2008
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Hands, ears and feet are perfect holographic embryonic organs, as all organs can find its connection with these holographic embryonic organs. We can know if the relevant organs are healthy or not through hands, ears and feet. By doing massage on them, it can reach treatment and health protection. Besides, there are a lot of channels and acupoints in hands, ears and feet. If we do massage on these organs, we can promote blood flow, reach a balance of Yin and Yang, eliminate fatigue and treat other relevant diseases. Focusing on hands, ears and feet, we introduce some daily health care massage and treatment for common symptom and chronic diseases. These methods in this book are easy and practical with real pictures, so it is easy for readers to learn.

Author Introduction:

Professor Wang Qi , a well-known old Chinese doctor, has many titles, such as Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Society of Physical Fitness of Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine,Associate Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. And he has engaged in TCM clinical, teaching and scientific research for more than 20 years. He has solid theory and rich practical experience, so he makes a difference in TCM health care. He published over 30 research papers and wrote or participated in writhing over 20 academic books and popular science books.

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