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Get in the Go Zone: Making the Most of Me

Author: Mark McKeon
ISBN: 978-0-9806357-6-8
Original Region: Australia
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2011
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Malaysia , Singapore , Korea
The Go Zone maximizes the productive hours we have in each day to get the important things done without distraction or excuse. The Slow Zone is productive but non stressful. No big decisions are made here. In the No Zone, you are not at work AND not thinking about work. Refresh, recover and live the life you love. Mark McKeon is a Director of Conference and Training Company, Mischief, Motivation, Attitude Pty Ltd (MMA). MMA conducts workshops and training in well being, time, leadership and sales and team building. Mark is the Author of four internationally published books.Mark has delivered over 1,000 motivational presentations and teaches the Go Zone to improve staff effectiveness.
Publishers ( China ) and Publishers ( Australia ) are negotiating on this book 2013/02/04
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