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From Beast to Beast

Author: Michele Mari
ISBN: 9788806215330
Original Region: Italy
Original Language: Italian
Publication Date: 2013
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Published in 1989 and never reprinted until now, a cult object for readers and bibliophiles,
Michele Mari’s first novel is back – in a version that has been completely rethought by the
author: this is a story that already contained all the demons of his subsequent books. An
adventuresome Gothic novel about the power of literature.
Lost in a wasteland dominated by snow and ice, a scientific expedition takes shelter from
a driving blizzard in a mysterious castle. But the greatest mystery of all is Osmoc, the
cultivated and refined master of the house, in love with his now dead wife, raving to the
point of madness. He owns a vast library and books are his only point of contact with the
world, but he seems to be hiding something. What happens when the stories that Osmoc
tells before the warmth of the fire seems to evoke the things that are happening within the
castle walls, animating booby traps, hidden passageways, and horrible creatures?
Fusing the fantasy world of the Gothic novel with an unstoppable, playful imagination,
Michele Mari – highly praised at his debut by Giorgio Manganelli and the winner of the
Berto Prize for his first novel – uses that unique style that so distinguishes him to take on for
the first time all the themes that are dearest to him: the Doppelganger or double, monsters,
and that conscious damnation (apparently incurable) known as literature.
Michele Mari (Milan, 1955) has written the following books: Di bestia in bestia (Longanesi,
1989), Io venía pien d’angoscia a rimirarti (Longanesi, 1990; Marsilio, 1998; Cavallo di Ferro,
2012), La stiva e l’abisso (Bompiani, 1992; Einaudi, 2002), Euridice aveva un cane (Bompiani,
1993; Einaudi, 2004), Filologia dell’anfibio (Bompiani, 1995; Laterza, 2009), Tu, sanguinosa
infanzia (Mondadori, 1997; Einaudi, 2009), Rondini sul filo (Mondadori, 1999), I sepolcri
illustrati (Portofranco, 2000), Tutto il ferro della Torre Eiffel (Einaudi, 2002), I demoni e la
pasta sfoglia (Quiritta, 2004; Cavallo di Ferro, 2010), Cento poesie d’amore a Ladyhawke
(Einaudi, 2007), Verderame (Einaudi, 2007), Milano fantasma (EDT, 2008, in collaboration
with Velasco Vitali), Rosso Floyd (Einaudi, 2010), and Fantasmagonia (Einaudi, 2012).
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