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For the Love of Armin

Author: Michael Kramer
Original Region: Australia
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2017
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In September of the year 9 A.D., the three Roman legions under the command of Publius Quintilius Varus were engaged in battle by the Forces of Armin, who was known to the Romans as Arminius. 
The result of this was that the three legions were wiped out to a man, other than those were spared so that word of this major Roman defeat would be taken back to Rome. After the news of the defeat was taken back to Rome, The Emperor Tiberius recalled all Roman units from Germania and they did not return.
This is the story of Armin's son called Thumelicus by the Romans. It is thought that he died at the ages of 16, 17 or 18, as a gladiator but no-one really knows because the historical records about him after he reached the age of three years are missing, due to events that occurred in ancient Rome. 
This is the reason that almost everything in this book about Thumelicus is fiction.
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