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Financial Management:Theory and Practice, An Asia Edition 1st Edition

Author: Annie Koh, Ser-Keng Ang, Eugene F.Brigham, Michael C.Ehrhardt
ISBN: 9789814369527
Original Region: Singapore
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2013
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The financial markets have been undergoing dramatic changes in the last five years. The Global
Financial Crisis that resulted from the sub-prime debacle in the United States, and the sovereign debt crisis across Euroland have elevated Asian economies into prominence globally. Asian economies,
both in emerging markets and developed markets are poised for steady and strong growth. An in-depth understanding of the nuances and practices in these markets is essential because the operating, legal, regulatory and cultural environments are vastly different from those in the developed markets in Europe and the United States. To this end, this Asia edition of Financial Management: Theory and Practice aims to provide readers with insights into the key issues and cases that are related to the corporate scene in Asia.

While updating the book with content and examples most relevant to students in Asia, the features of
the original edition have been maintained. It is the only text that presents a striking balance between solid financial theory and practical applications. Students gain a strong working knowledge of today’s financial environment as the book examines recent financial crises and the role of finance in the global economy, business, and their individuals’ personal lives. The relevant and engaging presentation, numerous examples, and emphasis on using Excel spreadsheets prepare students to make sound financial decisions in business. The book progresses from an early presentation of fundamentals to specific techniques and discussions that guide students in maximizing the value of a firm. This text is not only the ideal choice for today’s introductory MBA course, but also serves as a complete reference tool for students throughout their academic and business careers.

Key Features:

· Chapters are adapted to explain practices and nuances in Asian markets and corporate sectors different from Europe and the United States

· Provides a more international perspective of financing issues that firms in emerging or small
economies face

· Discusses the differences in regulatory and operating environments in emerging Asia

· Showcases successful Asian corporations that have grown substantially over the last decade

· Uses Asian cases and examples throughout

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