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Emperor Kublai Khan

Author: 饶伙发(Raymond Leow H.H.)
ISBN: 978-981-07-9362-3
Original Region: Singapore
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2014
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Simplified Chinese
A Fiction of History and Military Affairs.  
The novel is a grand epic of a combination of history and martial art, a prose of wisdom of a blend of politics and military set against the background of the onset of the establishment of the Yuan dynasty of China.
After Genghis Khan has exterminated the Huacizimo Kingdom, the king and his family commit suicide by jumping into a river; but the little prince is fortunately saved by a passer-by named Qiu Chuji. After a series of strange encounters the prince has successfully armed himself with unmatched martial art skills and has also formed alliances with the kings of other fallen states in Western Xia. The path of their joint efforts to restore power is paved with peace and violence, collaborations and struggles, grievances and ruthless killing as well as love stories between heroes and beauties. At the same time, the adventurous life of Kublai Khan unfolds in the course of the story.
Kublai Khan builds his empire through the assistance of his Confucian ministers and by adopting Han rules, perfecting a system of autocratic rule, moving away from the system of Feudal Lords to Political Centralization. In the course of implementing this new system, Kublai Khan shows his pragmatism and perseverance amid the intricacies of conflicts in the court, frauds in the diplomatic milieu, military strategies and others. The story is replete with political and military wisdom.
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