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Dreaming in Color

Author: Fiona Lewis
ISBN: 978-0984531851
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2011
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Carlene has come to the United States from Jamaica to join her mother, who has been working for two years to bring her daughter to join her. Although Carlene is excited to be reunited with her mother, she finds her new life daunting and misses her island home.

High school proves a difficult territory to navigate-bullying, mean girls, jock thug boys, and just the normal daily stresses of trying to succeed in classes can present awesome challenges. When a group of mean girls led by one of the most popular girls in the school targets Carlene, taunting her for her accent and her skin color, she turns to art as a refuge.

Then Carlene meets Greg, another teen from Jamaica. They bond over their shared feelings of dislocation and their inability to fit in, But a big party where the popular kids get extreme leads to tragic consequences and Carlene must decide what to do next.

Beautifully written and provocative, Dreaming in Color is Jamaican-American writer Fiona Lewis’s debut novel for young adults.

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