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Costumes of Peking Opera

Author: Zhang Wenzhou
ISBN: 978-7-80113-628-2
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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In China, there are more than 360 varieties of traditional opera. Within a history of 200 years, Peking Opera stands out as the supreme form of traditional opera ar. It is diverse in style and intricate in form, and matchless in terms of the sheer number of plays in its repertoire and their rich, diverse subjects. Costumes are an important part of Peking Opera. Magnificent and gorgeous, these costumes afford a surpassing visual beauty and command a superb atistic appeal. While enjoying exquisite singing, graceful dancing and recitations, people watching a Peking Opera performance are invariably fascinated by the costumes that dazzle the eye with emotive punch.
In this album, we will show readers the most representative of Peking Opera costumes along with a brief account of how they are classfied, how they are used and what artistic characteristics they have. We hope you’ll enjoy it while learning more about Peking Opera.
October 2010
100 pages, ¥ 298
Hardcover, 880g
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