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Colloquia on Archeology in Xinjiang

Author: 孟凡人
ISBN: 978-7-311-03529-7
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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The writer of the book is a famous scholar who has made great achievements in the fields of the Xinjiang Archeology, the Bordering Areas Archeology and Han and Tang Dynasties Archeology. There are in the book some standard papers about those ancient cities such as Jiaohe, Gaochang, Khakhan Futu, Beiting, Luntai in Tang time, Tuyin, Yixun and Loulan on Lop Nor, and those ancient materials such as the inscribed slips found in Loulan and Niya and written in Kharosthi characters, also Li Bai's document.
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