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Collected Works on Archaeology in Xinjiang

Author: 王炳华
ISBN: 978-7-311-03449-8
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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The author of this book has been engaged in the archaeological work in Xinjiang for almost half a century. He participated in the excavations and researches of a number of im­portant sites in the western regions, such as Loulan Ancient City in Lopnur, an­cient tombs valley (Gumugou) of Bronze Age along Kongque River, site of Niya Jingjue Kingdom, Yiwu garrison city of Tang Dynasty, Baishui Town, Zhe jueguan, Alagou and Hami Wupu Cemetery, Wusun remains along Yili valley and Bronze Age site in Altay, etc. This highly rich and illustrated book comes from the author's personal observations and archaeological investigations. Based on archaeological material and integrated with view of documentations and former scholars' achievement, this book not only thoroughly discusses the ancient towns along the silk road in Xinjiang as well as its ancient inhabitants' race and ethnic, ancient culture content, the implementation of the Pacifying Policy by Han Dynasty and traces of primitive thinking found in Pre-bronze Age sites, but also provides many new perspectives on the civilization of an­cient western regions.
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