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Chinese Study of Changes in the 20 th Century

Author: 杨庆中(Yang Qingzhong)
ISBN: 7-01-003136-3
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2000
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Based on an overall view of the 20 th century’s social revolutions and ideological trends, the book observes the study of Changes in this century as a part of the history of Chinese ideological and cultural development. From an academic approach, it summarizes the achievements and combs out the main developing threads in the research of Changes. From an ideological approach, it explores the modern themes of Chinese ideological and cultural development in this century as well as its kernel issues and general characteristics. With the year of 1949 as a watershed, the book divides the progress of the study of Changes into two periods. It not only introduces the research work of some traditional ideological schools, including the classics, the historical skepticism, the historical materialism and the new exploration schools, but also examines the research after the 1980s on such subjects as the relationship between Chinese traditional culture and the Book of Changes, the history of the study of Changes and different branches of Changes like archeological Changes, humanist Changes and scientific Changes. It particularly mentions Taiwan’s contribution to the study of Changes in many aspects, such as the compiling and textual research work of documents, the history of Changes and the philosophical thoughts of Changes,etc.

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