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Chinese Foods

Author: 刘军茹(Liu Junru)
ISBN: 978-7-5085-1658-5
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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When it comes to food, the Chinese have a common saying, “the masses regard food as their heaven”, which means that food is people’s primal want. It should clearly justify the importance that “eating” holds in Chinese people’s lives. Eating is not just meant to fill the stomach; having food at one’s disposal, being able to consume a good amount of food, and knowing what and how to eat are all viewed as a good “fortune”.
Those who promote food culture often use the words of Chinese philosopher Confucius, “diet and love-making, all primal needs of every human being,” finding an aspiring and positive thought basis for such an epicurean lifestyle. There is probably not another place in this world that has as great a variety of delicious fare as China. The Chinese, who see eating as a fortune styles in its own vast lands, but have also spread Chinese food culture to far across the seas. Today, in this world where even the farthest corners can seem as close as one’s back yard, Chinese food can be enjoyed in each and every metropolitan throughout the world.

Brief Introduction of the Author:
Liu Junru, graduated from the Department of Chinese Language at Beijing Normal University, is now a researcher in the Cultural School of Beijing University of Language and Culture.
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