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Chinese Festival Tales - Kite: Dad on the Far Shore

Author: 郑春华/文 唐云辉/图 by Zheng Chunhua (Author), Tang Yunhun (Illustrator)
ISBN: 978-7-5324-9226-8
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2013
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The8-volumedChinese Festival Talesare specially written for kid from 3 to 6. The books center about traditional Chinese festivals and customs, interspersed with interesting stories and lively illustrations, exposing the kids to traditional Chinese culture.

Zheng Chunhua, a member of Chinese Writers Association, marked the year 1980 as her starting point of the creation of children’s literature. As the author of several publications—Violet Kindergarten,Little Sproutie,Yuanyuan and Quanquanto name but a few, she has been awarded first prize of the National Children’s Book Award, Chen Bochui Rrize for Children's Literature Award, and etc.

Kite: Dad on the Far Shore

978-7-5324-9226-8 210×257mm 17p 2013.06 Aged 3+

by Zheng Chunhua (Author), Tang Yunhun (Illustrator)

Tang Yunhui began to create picture books in the 1990s, and is now a member of Shanghai Artists Association. He took first prize in the 2008 East China Book Design Biennale. The work “Valley in the Mirror” was selected to be shown in the 2009 Shanghai Art Exhibition, and “The Swimming Fish”, in the 2011 Shanghai Watercolor Painting Exhibition.

Nannan visited Grandpa at weekend. He saw a little boy on the riverside, leaning on the rail, flying the kite. But his eagle kite looked sick, plunged and plunged for several times. Nannan told the little boy that his Grandpa was a great kite maker, and could help him fly the kite. When the eagle kite eventually rode on the wind, Nannan came to know that today was also a special day for the little boy.

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