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Chinese Festival Tales - Dragon Boat Festival: Neither Square, Nor Round

Author: 郑春华/文 林俊杰/图 by Zheng Chunhua (Author), Lin Junjie (Illustrator)
ISBN: 978-7-5324-9225-1
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2013
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The8-volumedChinese Festival Talesare specially written for kid from 3 to 6. The books center about traditional Chinese festivals and customs, interspersed with interesting stories and lively illustrations, exposing the kids to traditional Chinese culture.

Zheng Chunhua, a member of Chinese Writers Association, marked the year 1980 as her starting point of the creation of children’s literature. As the author of several publications—Violet Kindergarten,Little Sproutie,Yuanyuan and Quanquanto name but a few, she has been awarded first prize of the National Children’s Book Award, Chen Bochui Rrize for Children's Literature Award, and etc.

Dragon Boat Festival: Neither Square, Nor Round

978-7-5324-9225-1 210×257mm 17p 2013.06 Aged 3+

by Zheng Chunhua (Author), Lin Junjie (Illustrator)

Lin Junjie is an art editor and designer. His picture book,Zhong Liwon the Medium Award in the exhibition of Nanjing University of the Arts, and his paper sculpture “Wine Still Warm after Hua Xiong Slain” earned him the second prize of The Journal Award of Jiangsu Province.

In the mezzanine floor lived the mice’s family, fairly close the kitchen in Xiao Juan’s home. Every day, from the kitchen, a delicious smell would waft across the mezzanine, but today, the smell was so special, so inviting that the three little mice couldn’t help drooling—“Today must be a big day!” Daddy Mouse and Mommy Mouse soon came back from the kitchen, having a surprise vised in their teeth—Wow! Green color wrapped it around, neither square, nor was it round—what was it on earth? What was the festival today?

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