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Author: Jean-François Delhom
ISBN: 978-2-8289-1348-9
Original Region: Switzerland
Original Language: French
Publication Date: 2013
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Deep canyons open in the belly of the Earth. Little known universe. Mineral curiosities. Smooth rocks polished by millions of years of erosion. Lace-like cascades, transparent emerald pools… And there, sometimes, man. Not a triumphant superman, more of an amazed explorer. Outside, paved pathways in the middle of chestnut trees, stone cabins. And the philosopher comes in. Through his short texts, he revisits canyoning through a humanist reflection, that takes him, this time, to internal depths. A homage to one of the most extraordinary regions on the planet for its richness in terms of canyons : Tessin. But the geographical location is of little importance : the spectacular photographs show with a moving beauty this eternal dialogue between stone and water in a suprising world, brought towards universality by the author’s texts.

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