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Author: Stan Mkhabele
ISBN: 141209632-4
Original Region: South Africa
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2006
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“Business Tips” – Readers gain answers to Questions such as:

How to marry right for your business?

Why bother making goals?

What to look out for to detect problems in your business?

Why after all the hard work your takings are so small?

Who are your other partners who take a daily dividend?

Which of your habits are retarding growth?

What distractions to avoid in your business?

What else to check before employing sales reps?

How to easily evaluate the performance of your staff?

What annoys customers and what will endear you to them?

Excerpt from the origin:

Page 15. These goals should lead a business to answer questions that determine the values of how to run the business.

Page 21. Do acknowledge that an employee has a life outside your business which will have a bearing on the business relationship.

Page 37. Save Money. File sensibly

Page 47. In a service business you must charge enough to cover all costs, reward your professionals well and build a reserve for future re-capitalisation and expansion.

Page 58. Do not “speak away your profit”

Page 63. Beware of lifestyle debt

Page 77. Training staff should be a permanent activity in every business

Page 89. Should you be manning the office at any one time; be prompt to answer the phone. The phone must never ring more than twice.

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