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Bikinis, Bell-Bottoms and Little Black Dresses: 70 Great Fashion Classics

Author: Kate Mulvey
ISBN: 978-1858945880
Original Region: United Kingdom
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2013
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In the fickle world of fashion, little is certain except the sure knowledge that fashions come and go, and today’s unfashionable styles are likely to be back in vogue tomorrow. Bikinis, Bell-bottoms and Little Black Dresseschronicles the most influential, exciting and shocking items of clothing of the last 100 years. The trench coat, the trainer and the miniskirt, to name only three, have all changed the way we think about our dress. Fashion journalist Kate Mulvey charts the evolution of 70 key garments, investigating how their individual stories have helped to shape the course of fashion history. Each entry traces the origins of an unforgettable item of clothing, and explores the moment it first made an impact on the world fashion stage, as well as the garments that developed out of it, the personalities who wore it, and its continuing popularity today. With illustrations sourced from fashion features, catwalk shots, advertisements and film stills, Bikinis, Bell-bottoms and Little Black Dresses is an entertaining, stylish overview of modern dress that will thrill fashionistas everywhere.

·A lively look at the history of modern fashion through 70 key items of clothing

·Includes concise entries on such iconic garments and shoes as blue jeans, the corset, the little black dress and the stiletto heel

·A fun yet informative gift book that will delight all fashion fans

About the Author:

Kate Mulvey is a fashion writer and journalist. Her articles on fashion and lifestyle have appeared in such publications as The Times, the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, Sheand Red. Her previous books (as co-author) include Decades of Beauty (1998), Key Moments in Fashion(1998) and Vintage Fashion (2006).

Hardcover: 192 pages

Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 2 x 24 cm

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