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An Interpretation of the Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Author: 宋志明
ISBN: 978-7-300-14575-4
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2012
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About the Author
Graduating from Renmin University of China in 1986, Song Zhiming was one of the first batch of scholars obtaining doctorate from Renmin University of China. His research pursuits range from modern Chinese philosophy to traditional culture and modernization. He is the author of more than twenty major works such as A Study of New Confucianism in Modern Times , On Xiong Shili , A Study of He Lin’s Thoughts on New Confucianism , A Study of Feng Youlan’s Academic Thoughts and An Overview of Traditional Chinese Philosophy . In addition, he published more than 200 research papers.
Key Features
The book elaborates unique subjects in Chinese philosophy from different aspects and a special way adopted to enunciate these subjects. In order to assign the task of “changing subjects” to representative philosophers, the book adopts philosophers such as Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, Confucius, Mencius, Xun Zi, Mo Zi, Han Fei, Dong Zhongshu, Wang Chong, Wang Bi, Guo Xiang, Chinese
Buddhism, Zhou Dunyi, the Cheng brothers, Zhang Zai, Zhu Xi, Lu Jiuyuan, Wang Yangming, Wang Fuzhi and Dai Zhen as case study, depicting each philosopher’s unique philosophical idea. They are all thinkers of originality who make great contribution to the building of Chinese philosophy. They constantly update new philosophical subjects, enriching the content of Chinese philosophy.
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